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Are you in a situation that with all the college essay examples and lessons on college application you still cannot go through with it? The thing is providing your stats such as your high school name, SAT scores and grades are just for record purpose. The real thing the admissions officers want is to get to know you better even if you have not met them in person. Other students are going to present these stats, so what differentiates you from the rest of them? It is how you wrote your essay. Here is how to develop topic ideas, according to the writers at the professional essay writing services.

What makes your choice of essay topics great?

Your application will do the talking on your behalf that is how things work when seeking admission. Know that colleges are not in the business of building a robot army, but humans. So they cannot depend on your stats alone. The question is what makes your topic and write up stand out? It is not just how you wrote it but the event or story in question. It should be an event or experience from your past life which you can boldly narrate and explain. Draw a connection between your past and present experiences, and how they made you well-prepared for college life.

Note that admissions officers want to be sure you are fit for college. They want to be sure you are mature in thinking and character. These are among the traits you need to scale through the independence and challenges that come with college life as well as work. So prove to them that you are a complete candidate. Here are tips to create persuasive essay topics.

You need to challenge yourself mentally to bring out the best. Create questions that would challenge you to think deeply. Here are a few examples:

If your aim is to scaling through your common app essay, create more questions and get more examples that would prepare you.

It is a bit easy for students that possess unique traits to capture the attention of the admissions officers. You might not have noticed you are one of them until you take out time to think thoroughly. These questions would help you discover yourself, and create topics to write about.

  1. Create and provide answers to questions that can provoke your thought
    • What are you afraid of? What are you confident about?
    • What achievement gives you confidence?
    • What is that piece of you that makes you who you are? Sense of reasoning? Intellect? Belief?
    • What is that one thing you would grab from the house first if a fire incident broke out? Why is it that precious to you? What is your most treasured possession?
  2. Discover those traits and trace them back
    • What are those four adjectives people can use to describe you? Why these four? Which one of the four adjectives would you say best describe you? Which of them are you proud of?
    • What is that thing that others do every day you think you can do better at? What and who taught you to be good at it? What areas of that thing do you feel you are perfect at?

One of the things admissions officers are looking out for in your college essay is the genuineness of your story. That is why you should not try to be someone else or copy from another person.


Creating essay writing topics is easy if you can brainstorm and challenge yourself a bit to come up with ideas for your paper. It has to be something unique to stand out of the crowd because you are competing with other students, and most of them might have better grades. But the good thing is your essay creates an opportunity for you to impress and win the hearts of the admissions officers.

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