Persuasive Essay Topics 

Best persuasive essays are essays that can be defined as written to persuade the reader to agree with a given point of view.

If you are having some trouble writing about persuasive essay topics, then you should worry no more. The central idea is to identify some of the best persuasive essay topics that will enable you to craft the best content that can get you enough marks. In this piece, we will highlight the best essay topics on persuasion. Majorly, the topics are of different subjects, and most of them are of different academic levels.  

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

  • A personal view on the beauty of kindness
  • Advantages and disadvantages of summer classes
  • Incorporation of internet filters in school computers
  • Making participation in sports at schools as compulsory
  • Thorough punishment as a way of dealing with bullying
  • Presence of flexibility in illegal migrant policies
  • Reasons why every school should have a school newspaper  
  • Our accountability to global warming
  • Relationship of the effect of violent video games on violent children
  • Advantages and disadvantages of schooling for a whole year
  • Comparing the smartness between men and women
  • Luck as a vital section of success
  • Declaring spanking kids as a crime
  • The current problem of kidnapping by parents
  • A personal view on nuclear power as a solution to the energy crisis
  • Individual view on equalizing privileges between male and female employees
  • Homeschooling is good compared to regular schooling.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  • Possibilities of individuals overcoming fear
  • Student evaluation of teachers
  • A personal view on giving more incentives to good-grade students
  • Cons and pros of using cell phones in academics
  • The role played by the death penalty on social morals in the U.S.
  • College students need to wear uniforms.
  • Reasons why celebrities influence teen girls
  • The position of economics on human behavior
  • Commoditization of all the arts
  • Young adults’ choices on joining the army
  • Importance of facing embarrassing experiences as a way of boosting confidence
  • The realism of vampires
  • The possibility of time travel  
  • The view of global warming as a means of scaring people
  • The justification of divorce with a spouse in a coma
  • Parenting more than for kids is irresponsible.
  • Making healthcare services free
  • The position of art as a talent or hard work
  • The position of computer in smartening people

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Paying attention to local crimes in the U.S as opposed to paying attention to international crimes
  • The position of the feminist movement in devaluing motherhood
  • The possibility of the older generation learning more from the current generation  
  • The position of an international exchange program in molding the student
  • A chance of fraternity or sorority for college students
  • The view on the essence of considering a gap year from studies

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

  • The church payment of property taxes for supporting schools
  • Teachers undertaking professional tests just like students
  • Banning of social media use in school environments
  • The weight of getting a college degree
  • Teaching computer programming to all students
  • Rewarding students with best attendance records

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals

  • The usefulness of zoos in the conservation of wildlife
  • The source of animal abuse is the failure of educating animal owners.
  • Saving animals through reforestation as the only way
  • Harvesting zoos for food purposes


In summary, there are many more persuasive essay topics, and you can write more about them. The topics are divided into various sections based on what they cover. Some other essential areas cover controversies, dos and don’ts, academics, and much more.


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