Engaging Topics Students Can Use for Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and contrast essays describe the differences and similarities between the two subjects belonging in the same genre or category. Before writing an essay, you should first choose the perfect topic that will interest your reader. It may be a challenge to choose a good and compelling topic. However, you can use the following suggestions to select a suitable topic for your essay.

Compare Essay Topics for College Students

  • Twitter vs. Facebook
  • Students without or with part-time jobs
  • extroverts or Introverts
  • Harvard or Oxford
  • Online dating or Real-life
  • Textbooks or E-Books
  • Washington' ideas vs. Lincoln's ideas
  • Non-fiction or fiction books
  • Shopping at malls vs. Buying things online
  • Phone communication vs. Skype
  • Private house vs. Flat
  • The difference between an argumentative essay and a persuasive essay
  • Working in startups vs. Working in a huge corporation
  • Video or outdoor games
  • Differences between Renaissance and Baroque

Compare Essay Topics for students in High School.

  • Stalin and Hitler
  • Which of these causes more destruction? Earthquakes or Volcano Eruption
  • What's the similarity between Geography and Geology?
  • Politics in America 20 years ago and now
  • Diets or sports: What's more effective for losing weight?
  • Paper books or audiobooks
  • Gold and silver
  • Autumn vs. spring
  • Friendship vs. Love
  • Bikes vs. Cars
  • Private vs. public colleges
  • Being wealthy or being famous
  • The difference between illegal info and legal info

Compare Essay Topics for Middle School

  • What's the best time to pass? Reading and playing computer games.
  • Printed photographs vs. Instagram
  • Real communication vs. messaging
  • Go sightseeing vs. Sunbathing at the seaside vs.
  • Your favorite celebrity and Your lifestyle
  • Dogs vs. cats
  • Playing outside vs. inside
  • Teacher vs. Doctor. Which profession has more benefits?
  • Flying vs. swimming
  • Badminton vs. Tennis
  • Two plays of Shakespeare
  • Gift vs. money. Which is more appropriate as a birthday present?

Hilarious Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Washing your laundry or dishes
  • What would you rather be? A cat or a dog?
  • Traditional photos vs. selfies
  • Farm life vs. living in big cities
  • Novels or comics
  • Girls and guys: Who is learning better?
  • Joy and cry at the exam
  • Pigeon Post vs. Email
  • The traits of elephant and lion behavior?
  • Library or the internet?
  • Grapefruit or orange?
  • Fear vs. courage: opposite indications
  • Compare and contrast English and French gardens.

Art History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Chinese art vs. Buddhist art
  • Japanese vs. Korean
  • fan painting vs. Screen painting
  • Marx ideology vs. Plato
  • Neorealism vs. Classical
  • Realism vs. Idealism
  • 3D vs. 2D
  • Compare art from the 18th Century
  • World War II vs. World War I
  • Japanese Calligraphy: Materials and styles
  • Two painting from the 20th Century
  • Compare Picasso's Rose and Blue periods
  • American revolution vs. Cultural revolution

Compare and Contrast Topics for Sports Essays. 

  • Watching a baseball game vs. a basketball game
  • Similarities and differences between men's basketball and women's basketball
  • Significant differences and similarities between swimming and tennis
  • Compare two athletes in the same category of sport.
  • Similarities between snowboarding and sandboarding
  • Is traditional climbing comparable to ice climbing?
  • How does water volleyball differ from beach volleyball?
  • Wheelchair basketball vs. Paralympic volleyball
  • The distinction between skydiving and Base jumping
  • The Bundesliga Compared with The English Premier League
  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
  • Brazil Team Vs. Germany Team
  • Main Factors and Differences between United States Team and Jamaica Team:
  • Off-Road Racing vs. Formula One


When writing your essay, ensure that all the topics you choose belong to the same category. All the best.


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