In Search of a Free Essay Checker Online: Useful Directions

Your essay is evaluated with the help of several important criteria. Among them, there is correctness of grammar, spelling, and syntax, and also, the uniqueness of your paper.

What for Do You Need to Have Your Essay Checked?

Checking your text before you submit it is essential and necessary because grammar and spelling mistakes, even the simplest typos, are able to spoil the impression of the best research. Besides that, if you are using reference sources (you must, in fact), there can be detectable plagiarism in your work. After all, the reference sources are not only academic books but also samples of other students’ works. If you copy down a part of their projects, this can be detected as plagiarism, too. It’s a very bad charge for a student who wants to succeed in academic writing.

How to Check?

There are several ways you can go. To begin with, you need to check whether you have copied any parts of reference source materials into your text without any changes or customization. If yes, you need to effectively paraphrase them in order to make them unique.

Then, it makes sense to check the spelling and grammar. You can do it on your own or ask somebody to do it for you. However, even if you have found no mistakes or plagiarism, you should consider trying online text checkers that will be effective in any case.

Where to Search for the Checkers?

Try searching in accordance to our friends’ recommendations. They can advise you the most effective services that detect all the mistakes, check how unique your text is, and show you the found plagiarism. In case your friends have never had such an experience, you should undertake an online search that will also be effective.

There are numerous resources that offer you the service of essay checking. Some of them have only one tool, others provide more options. When searching for the most effective one, try the following tips:

  • Compare reviews on the effectiveness of different text checking tools that are available online,
  • Try several of them, choosing the ones that seem to be the most reliable,
  • Do the test checking on a piece of text that deliberately contains mistakes of different types and see how the tool detects them and which correction options it offers,
  • Search for such online checkers that check your text with the help of multiple tools, the more the better,

Expert Tricks

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