4 Tips To Consider When Writing An Essay About Friendship

As simple as an essay about true friendship is, most students still struggle to write an outstanding paper. It is not like they cannot recall old memories about their feelings with that special someone. It is a matter of knowing how to create a captivating story from scratch. In this post, you will understand the simple things you need to consider when writing this type of essay.

  1. Define the term
  2. Even if your paper is an essay about the importance of friendship, you will still have to define the term. Give an overview so readers can understand what you are writing about with ease. Again, your definition can be broad but make it simple. Here is a sample of what is expected of you.

    “Friendship refers to a mutual relationship between two people of the same or opposite sex who to an extent, understands, values and interacts with themselves in a friendly manner.”

  3. Get essay samples
  4. While writing a short essay about friendship appears to be an easy task, you still have much work to do. Your teacher or grader expects you to come up with a great write-up, one with captivating titles, engaging paragraphs, excellent choice of words and grammar.

    However, an easy way to get more knowledge on this type of essay writing and decode what the grader wants is to read samples. Check what others have written in the past to know the points you are expected to mention in your paper.

  5. Be completely original
  6. First, what is the meaning of friendship to you? After providing a definition, you need to state what you think it is. You are expected to produce a unique essay not copy from other people. That is why most students hire professionals to help with writing. Even if you have read samples from other authors, you still need to make your paper original and engaging.

    If you have been in a relationship before and had good memories, try to recall the happy moments. It will make your writing about friendship a bit easy and interesting. And remember to write about you; state your feelings and not someone else’s.

  7. Spend quality time to proofread
  8. Even if you were told to write an essay about friendship in English or an entirely different language, you still need to proofread your paper before turning it in. Most students neglect this part because it is stressful. But remember an error-free paper would have a high mark.


Writing an essay on friendship is an interesting one. Reason being that there would be so many memories and stories in your head you want to let out. But so many persons still struggle with writing even if their topic is “what is friendship”? This post will help you organize your ideas and write the best paper that will earn you better marks.

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