Useful Advice on How to Do a Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is a kind of a challenge as you need not only to present your position regarding the chosen issue in a profound and scientific way, but also provide a sufficient amount of relevant evidence to prove your point of view successfully.

Main Steps of Creating an Effective Persuasive Essay

  • Choosing a catchy topic.
  • Your topic must be interesting enough for your readers and narrow enough for you to cover it comprehensively in one paper. Try to formulate it in a simple but original way that will grab your readers’ attention.

  • Performing a preliminary material research.
  • To make sure that your topic is manageable study the related up-to-date material. Use only the most reliable sources and base on the opinions of respected experts.

  • Outlining the structure of your paper.
  • Usually, this type of paper implies a 3- or a 5-paragraph structure depending on the requirements of your assignment. It consists of an introduction, up to 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Writing a first draft.
  • At this stage try not to limit your writing process too much. Present all the information you consider relevant and supporting. If possible, take several days for this work as some new ideas may occasionally come to your mind.

  • Revising and editing your essay.
  • Check if all information is in its place, if your paragraphs are logically connected, and your language is clear.

  • Proofreading for mistakes.
  • After some time re-read your paper carefully to remove all possible kinds of technical mistakes from it.

Useful Writing Techniques to Consider

  1. Build a strong logical structure.
  2. The flow of your thoughts, statements, and conclusions mustn’t be fragmented – it should stay smooth and leave no additional questions.

  3. Restate your thesis.
  4. It’s proven by psychologists that repetition enhances the persuasive effect of a statement.

  5. Give social proofs.
  6. People always tend to react more vividly to the examples from real life and you can use in a powerful way.

  7. Consider potential objections.
  8. It’s one of the strongest writing techniques and an essential part of every persuasive essay. Proper refutation of potential objections strengthens your own points significantly.

  9. Try to see the case from a reader’s perspective.
  10. If you can imagine your readers’ vision it will be easier for you to make them accept your position.

  11. Use comparisons.
  12. Pointing out similarities and including bright metaphors may serve your goal as well. However, make sure to stay objective.

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